Monday, January 10, 2011

bluegrass at a panera in nowhere missouri

we were driving to oklahoma city for new years eve. we were in nowhere missouri driving through the ozark mountains. and the best compromise on a place to eat was this panera. luckily there was an awesome
bluegrass family band playing to make the food taste a bit better.

white mystery at bitchpork 2010

this is a recording made at bitchpork 2010. it was on a handheld tape recorder. it was hott and the crowd loved it. my favorite festival of the year.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

mayor daley at roxaboxen exhibitions

it was a warm evening. we had soup at my friend paul's house. we walked two blocks to roxaboxen exhibitions, it was a super crowded basement, with a less crowded backyard. i had a hand held tape recorder that i set up on the pipes. so dowload this super grungy basement recording of mayor daley

fake lake at the electric company in french

fake lake performed at the electric company in french in pilsen sometime in 2009. if anyone knows the exact date of this show, please let me know. this was recorded on a hand held cassette recorder. it is the first song, after this we start talking about things i shouldnt put on the internet.